Moving With Furkids!

To call the experience stressful would be an understatement.

You see, with humans, you know what’s wrong. You know they will be uncomfortable emotionally but they will eat, sleep, and perform as usual.

Furkids, on the other hand, are completely random.

The first time I moved with Shinobii, our cat, she didn’t come out from underneath the bed the first day. The second day she was using the litter box. But it took her an entire week to eat regularly. And needless to say, exploration mode was at a minimum. She was petrified.

For this move, our goal was to have as seamless of a transition as possible. I packed the girls items in two boxes and kept track of them through out the move. I marked them to identify them easily.

During the removal of items from our previous home, Shinobii was locked in the bathroom and Mystii in her crate. The least of the chaos they saw: the better. That was our theory at least.

Once we unloaded the truck and our cars, we did one last trip back to bring some remaining miscellaneous items and the girls. I traveled with Mystii on the passenger seat and my hubby travel with Shinobii on his passenger seat. During our entire ride, I was on Bluetooth and he was on speaker. The girls are used to traveling with both of us, not just one so I’m not sure if it impacted their comfort level, but Shinobii at least seemed to be more calm because of it.

When we arrived at our new home, the first thing we did was set up the girls. My hubby built Mystii’s crate, played with her, and put her away. We did not feed her at that point since it would not have led to our regular routine. She was fed once everyone left and we could dedicate the time for playtime and feeding schedule.

As per Shinobii, I had already set up the cat tree in the porch (since we dissembled it in two pieces, and not piece by piece, we constructed it fairly quicky). When I entered our new home, I placed her on the tree and allowed her to explore. She jumped from shelf to shelf until she finally settled in the little house.

Meanwhile, I searched for the girls’ boxes. I found the one with her original outdoor house and built it. Her two living structures were literally the first two things to be built, even prior to us building our bed. Can you feel the love?

I put out Shinobiis’ food, dropped miscellaneous treats around the porch, closed the door, and continued unloading the truck. While we worked, Shinobii spent the night exploring her new views, which consist of a fountain, trees, and animals (i.e squirrels, lizards, and ducks).

Mystii spent the rest of her night in her crate. Her biggest trauma of the day being  almost escaping from her harness and climbing stairs. The later being the most traumatizing during the rest of the week.

Once our friends and family left, quiet reigned… And as someone who is an introvert, I could not have felt more at peace. We flopped on the bed. And from the corners of the house, we could hear a little bell ringing. It was Shinobii! She was out and about exploring! Once she finished a room she would come to ours, meow and walk out.

Eventually, we changed, fed Mystii, and got ready for bed. And when we got to that point, it was as if Shinobii knew what was going to happen. She came to the room, meowed repeatedly, jumped on the bed, and adjusted herself next to daddy. Slept next to daddy’s feet all night! Something she barely did at our previous apartment. It was even more rare for her to stay over five minutes.

It was at that point that I knew. I could feel the positivity. I knew our new home was filled with good vibes. And Shinobii could sense it.

It’s our new beginning. A truly new start of a life as a little happy family. ❀



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