My Career Purpose…

To be honest, for the past year and a half, I had completely forgotten. My mind was focused on building a career at my current job. 

When I applied, I knew it wasn’t my dream but I believed it could take me there. I work in the legal department and during my initial interview I told my manager I wanted to be in marketing. Yes, I know, not the brightest move by the books… but I’m a very straight forward person and hate creating false expectations, even if it might go against the norm.

She risked it though. She hired me. And to be honest, I couldn’t feel more blessed. You see, from the very start, I earned freedom from what my role generally entails. I was able to learn to focus in improving our communication within our department and with our owners. So of course, I learned to love and appreciate it as a path towards growth. 

In my role, I became a leader. I learned to craft my messages for all situations and personalities. And most importantly, I gained the confidence to know my worth and the value of my ideas and perspective. The later being a part of me that I hadn’t been able to prove to myself. It was something that I knew within my soul, but no one else gave me the opportunity to show.

Long story short, I found a new goal within my department. I got comfortable in my role and adjusted to strive towards growth in another path. I began to see marketing, writing, and communications as a passion for my own business and personal enjoyment… Not for my career.

And then, suddendly my company was at risk… nothing major but enough to petrefy my soul for a couple of days. My job itself wasn’t at risk. I know I’m valuable. I know that I’d be one of the last ones standing… but the fear just crept on me in a way I never imagined.

In the midst of my fear, I began job searching. First, I looked for my current role but the descriptions and responsabilities didn’t match the type of work I was doing or wanted to do… And the likelihood of finding another manager who is truly willing to allow you to grow and explore? Very minimal.

Before I even realizing, I start to think about how much everyone values my writing at work and how much I tell them that I could do it for a living because I love it so much… Well, that and art. πŸ’š

This led to a job search as a “writer” which was  quite limited. Nevertheless, I saw a position that caught my eye. It was titled “Content Writer.” I read the description and was captivated by the first requirement: your values matter. 

At that moment, everything came rushing back to me. I started reading about the company, began applying, and before I knew it, my heart was reawakened. 

As I wrote my cover letter, I kept having flashbacks of why I made the choices I did while in college… 

I decided to graduate with an Interdisciplinary Studies degree because at my core, I believed that knowledge of art could create better content. I belived that understanding the advertising side of visual communication was only relevant only if you knew how to create that effect, only if you had the discipline and passion to get there… Instead of recycling the same ideas others are also having. I studied Cultural Anthropology because I firmly believe that it is through appreciating and embracing driversity that the future will take a brighter path. I wanted to pffer that knowledge to the world. That unique part of me that most of the population doesn’t realize.

I graduated firmly believing that companies would understand that… That they would need to see the necesity to use cultural and visual communication. I wanted to help write, create, and be part of that change… That was my dream. 

It was quite the dream to say the least, but reality struck it down really fast as no one would open their minds to my ideas… or at least weren’t curious by them… And even though I’m not sure how likely I am to reach my dream, I never want to forget it again…

Writing a cover letter about it gave me so much life… so much happiness… And I believe that one day God will put me in the right place, the right company, and with the right team to help change the world’s perspective on what diversity truly means. 


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