Mystii Update

Fast forward a couple of weeks, forgive the lack of updates, and enjoy:

Mystii weights nearly 20 pounds now. She is fully recovered from kennel cough. She is no longer lethargic. She doesn’t have the scary coughs. We can confidently say: She is healed. *Insert massive sigh of relief*

It didn’t happen magically though, there were plenty of vet visits, vet follow up calls, and medicine. 

Currently, she runs at the speed of light, but has yet to master the art of turning… so she turns by slamming the side of her body into objects. Yes, we asked the trainer and he said it was normal. Her lack of coordination makes for adorable playtime. 

Her legs are incredibly long. They are no longer the cute stubby little fuzzy twigs. Nope, they’re long and muscular with ramdom patches of hair growing out in miscellanous places… such as in between her toes. 

She can no longer fit her mussel in the creavices of her crate. She has gained full access to her crate though! Sincewe began   puppy training, she hasn’t had any accidents… That’s about two months! We’re going to begin retraining in a couple of days though since we are moving. 

As per playtime, she still refuses to play on her own. She will only play if either my hubby or myself are in the room with her. She gets extra excited if I join her on the floor too. She brings back every single toy, plays on my legs, and then drops it to repeat the process. Although I can see the harm in the long run… With all of the stress I’ve been dealing with the last couple of months, the forced break helps me clear my head.

Lastly, she has mastered the art of socialization. The title of “Friendliest Puppy In Town” has already been awarded to her (unofficially). 

Needless to say, Mystii has been more than what I had hoped for when we adopted her. She filled my empty void with happiness and love… She has truly made us a happy family. ❤️


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