Mystii Falls In The Pool! 

The day we had been waiting for was finally upon us.

We visited my mother-in-law’s home and we were ready to go in the pool.

We started off by taking all of Mystii’s toys outside and spread them around the pool deck.  We put the life vest on Mystii and let her roam freely around the deck.

After she explored a bit, we started playing as we usually would if we were in our living room at home. We called her over with squaky toys and trained her on some commands.

She began to get curious about the water though. She walked to the edge of the pool. Mystii tried to touch the water with one paw for a couple of minutes. Always keeping three paws on the deck.

Eventually, the intrigue got to her. She lounged forward with her front paws and she was in the pool! All by herself.

She did a lap and came towards me as I called her name. We all celebrated as she swam.

It was cute! It was adorable! And accomplishing!

Once she finished her lap, she returned towards my side and I picked her up and put her back on the deck.

Afterwards, she walked around freely for a couple of minutes. Eventually, my hubby and I entered the pool and brought her over to the first step. Like I mentioned in a previous post, she’s still too short to jump into places on her own.

We gave her treats and lots of love while she was on the step. A couple of minutes later when she seemed calm, we grabbed her by supporting her back and head and let her feet dabble in the water.

She started panicking so we held her against our chest. She calmed down immediately. Then we circled around the pool walking and holding her. This helped aclimate her to the water. After a couple of laps, we placed her on the highest step and fed her chicken jerky. She loves those! And we love that they don’t dissolve at your fingertips in the water.

After the treat session, she walked out of the pool, we wrapped her in a towel and dried her.

It’s the beginning of a rocky but soon to be successful relationship. 


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