Mystii Dables In The Water!

Since the first day Mystii entered our lives, we knew we wanted her to learn how to swim. Honestly, our goal is to teach her different skills so she can go on all sorts of adventures with us.

At the doggy park, they have a small pool set up to help the dogs cool down  as they exercise.

The first day at the dog park, we picked her up and put her inside the pool. She walked from side to side. We took her out shortly after so that we wouldn’t overwhelm her with the new experience though.

On every trip afterwards, we’ve slowly increased the time she spends within the pool. On our latest outing, she even walked up to the pool asking us to put her inside! Her legs are still too short to go in herself, so we have to help put in the first two paws in the water.

We tried helping her by putting her paws on the “edge” but she wasn’t able to see how deep the water was so she didnt know what to do. Once two of her paws were inside, she did the rest.

In the next couple of days, we’ll be traveling to my mother-in-law’s home as a family! We may or may not be traveling with the sole intentions of taking advantage of her  pool… But shhh, don’t tell anyone.

Our excitement is too real right now. Oh, the joy of new adventures. ❤️


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