Mystii Goes To The Doggy Park!

At this point, she’s been to the doggy park about four times. And she couldn’t love it any more!

The dog park we travel to is about 20 minutes away, so we take turns during the drive as to who will carry Mystii. For the most part, I’m stuck driving since my hubby is on Pokemon Go duty as we travel. There’ll be more on those adventures later though.

During the drive there, Mystii is not fond of looking out the window and chooses to spend her time by taking power naps. Energy that’s well gathered considering how much running, jumping, tacking, and investigating she does at the dog park.

I have a couple of videos, so I’m hoping to put them up on our YouTube channel within a couple of days.

During our dog park adventures, we generally begin by greeting the nearest dog. After a couple of minutes, we begin to walk and call out her name so she knows to follow us. She’s usually good for solid 5 seconds but then gets distracted by the sticks and branches.

Then there’s always the random dogs running loosely trying to get her attention, which we appreciate considering we want her to learn to socialize. At the moment, she’s still trying to jump on them or flop tummy side up right underneath them.

Some dogs are easily skittish of her though and run away after they smell her butty and she turns her head to look. She’s not too persistent on them though, so I’m sure she can sense their fear.

When it comes to greeting, she’s not too fond of smelling other dog’s butts. She has a straight forward approach that has not failed to help her make friends thus far. There’s no one with whom she’s connected immensely with, but she does enjoy her time at the doggy park. There’s no question about that.



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