Mystii Has An Existential Crisis

It was 4 in the morning when Mystii started crying to go outside. 

I took her out but as soon as I came back in, Phoebe started crying. I dropped off Mystii in the room and put out her water/food bowls. 

My hubby was in bed but I forgot to let him know Mystii was outside of her cage…

So by the time Phoebe was done with her physiological needs and I used the bathroom, on my way back to the room, my hubby texted me “Mystii is having an existential crisis.”

When I walked into the room, my hubby was sitting on the floor next to Mystii’s crate. It turns out I had forgotten we have an uncovered litter box in the room and Mystii got curious and ate one of Shinobii’s presents… 

Now, she had gas and tummy grumbles. And she was scared to the point where if the lights were turned off, she would begin to cry immediately. 

My hubby stayed wih her on the floor while I watched from bed.

Needless to say, it was a noisy night filled with guilt. I honestly never even imagined Mystii would do something like that. Why? Just, why? 

Well according to the Dogington Post, it was “because cat feces contain high amounts of protein and fat and extra elements, dogs have cravings for them.”

After an hour, the sounds started to stop and she was able to fall asleep. And slept soundly the entire night! 

In the morning, it was like nothing ever happened. Thankfully she was back to normal. 

Lesson learned: never leave a puppy unsupervised around cat litter.


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