Mystii Survives Kennel Cough

Last Saturday, the day we brought Mystii home, she had a light cough. It was very repetitive but it wasn’t too loud. They had warned us she might have a bit of kennel cough, so we didn’t think too much of it.

On Sunday, she woke up still not wanting to eat but she did drink some water. She seemed tired. We allowed her to continue resting taking into consideration the changes she had gone through the day before. From our analysis, it appeared to be a case of exhaustion.

Her coughing worsened as time progressed though. At first, we lowered the temperature of the house, since we keep it at around 80 degrees. We still covered her crate with a blanket so that she wouldn’t get the direct hit of cold air. The temperature change didn’t seem to help much though.

Around 8 pm, we had gone out to get some food at Wendy’s. I hugged her and I felt her tummy hotter than normal. After quickly googling how to cool her down, I found tips about placing wet rags on her body and placing her paws in the water. Dogs release their temperature through their paw pads so if they’re too hot, they might have a fever.

I didn’t have any towels at hand, but I asked my hubby to retrieve napkins and a cup of free water with ice. And thankfully, they gave it to him. Once he was in the car, I folded the napkins in three and wet them in the cold water. I did this four times. Each time I wrapped a different paw in the napkin. After four minutes, the napkins were warm.

As we drove home, I continued to switch out the napkins. The napkins helped cool her down enough so that she could continue to rest instead of forcefully panting from the heat. Once we got home, we continued the process but using towels instead. She sleept soundly.

However, around 11 pm, we had to take her outside. I picked her up and her fever was spiking again. The entire time since we had gotten home, we kept researching how we could help her. We were out of options though.

The rescue said they would cover the cost of any visits during the first week post adoption. We called the vet and they were still open! Yes, on Fourth of July eve. They were about to close in 15 minutes, but after explaining our situation they said we would wait for us to arrive.

Once we got there, they took her temperature and it was at 104.4 degrees. This is slightly higher than the average puppy. We explained the lack of appetite and forceful coughing. They tried giving her super smelly food by Royal Canin to get her attention. She had no interest though. The tech took her to the back and had the vet examine Mystii.

When she returned, Mystii had received a shot of antibiotics to lower her fever and one of fluids for her nutrition. They gave us two cans of food and new medicine for her Kennel Cough and Spaying operation. We went back home and she went back to sleep.

Monday morning, she was feeling a bit better. Her fever was gone and she accepted about a teaspoon of the stinky food. It was progress. That’s all we could really ask for. Later during the day, she accepted some of the boiled chicken we had made for her the day before. And yes, don’t worry, we didn’t add any flavoring or salt.

Around 6 pm, her fever started to return. This time we put a bag of frozen strawberries on her bed wrapped around a towel: one layer towards her, two towards the bottom of her bed. This was probably one of the best solutions we learned throughout this process. She slept on it for about four hours and her fever was gone.

We took her out and put her to sleep. She slept peacefully all night and has continued to slowly improve every day.

Mystii hasn’t had any more fever and her appetite has improved to the point of grabbing five pieces of chicken and then realizing she can’t chew! She’s become more playful and has even gone to the doggy park (twice!) and had fun with other doggies while following her humans around the trails. We are finally out of the danger zone. ❤

So just in case your little one suffers from the same, here is what we learned from helping Mystii survive from Kennel Cough:

  • Treat fever by:
    • Wrapping their paws in damp and cold towels or paper towels and remember to continuously switch them for warmth.
    • Filling a zip-lock bag  the size of their body/bed with ice and wrapping it with a medium-thick towel and placing it where they will be laying down.
  • Treat harsh throat by:
    • Feeding about a teaspoon of honey every 4-6 hours to relive the pain
  • Treat excessive soft coughs by:
    • Lightly patting the ribs on both sides simultaneously for a couple of seconds until you hear a “real” cough. This will help alleviate the pain and help the goo begin to leave their body
  • Treat lack of appetite by:
    • Offering a variety of food textures, temperatures, and taste:
      • Store bought wet food for dogs
        • If they’re initially unwilling, try putting a bit of food at the end of a rawhide toy you have previously introduced
      • Boiled chicken (no additives, additional ingredients, or salt)
        • They might be interested in the broth as well, so be sure to leave some in their bowl

Please keep in mind, the recommendations above are based on our own experience or research, we are not professionals, simply concerned pet parents. Please take your little one to the vet to ensure that there are not bigger underlying issues. 🙂



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