Mystii Meets Phoebe, Our Friends, and Plays Games

Well technically, she tries to eat and sleep on the games though.

Every Sunday, we usually spend it with my mother in law and my mom. The previous Sunday was no exception. Everyone wanted to meet Mystii and traveled to my mother-in-law’s house to gather.

Prior to us meeting them, we prepared her to travel by packing her crate, leash, collar, medicine, food, and a couple of toys.

She traveled on her bed on my lap the entire trip. When we got there, she was curious. She took care of both of her physiological needs outside (woo!) and quietly entered the house. She didn’t bark at the larger dog, Phoebe. And she didn’t try going beyond her limits.

Mystii laid on my chest, while daddy set up her crate. Once it was done, we placed her toys and food next to it. We put her on the ground and allowed her to sniff her surroundings.

She was happy exploring. Once she spotted Phoebe, she became overly excited. She “ran” towards her, but Phoebe is scared of everything. Phoebe was never socialized after she was rescued from a home where the other dogs attacked her as a puppy. This turned her into a mellow soul.

Eventually, Phoebe ran towards the other room, and Mystii stopped following her and went back to exploring the near by area.

Meanwhile, our friends arrived, which meant playtime! As soon as our friends entered, Mystii began running along their feet and tried climbing on them once they sat down on the floor. We created a circle and Mystii ran from person to person seeking attention and toys. Eventually she knocked out on the side while we played Awkward Moments.

During our game of dominoes, she began to wake up and gathered enough energy to move a couple of steps. Suddenly exhaustion right on top of our game. Literally. We moved her softly to the side of the game, but she sleepily and slowly ‘stretched’ within inches of the dominoes.


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