Meet: Mystii

Our new family member. Shinobii’s sister. Our daughter.

Saturday morning, we traveled about an hour away from home to meet available puppies up for adoption by a rescue group in our area.

We opted for a puppy taking into consideration the chaos we endured trying to train an adult dog. Additionally, since we already have Queen Shinobii at home, we wanted her to not feel intimidated by the new dog, who would be much larger than her once it reached full size.

We arrived at 9:34 am at the meeting location. We saw multiple individuals sitting outside, but didn’t think too much of it. We guessed they were probably waiting for their dogs to be groomed. It was a little weird, but stranger things have happened. We walked into the store to look for any signs of dog adoptions. Instead, we found a cat rescue group that advised us that the people outside were waiting for the sign-up sheet to adopt!

Mind you, the sign-up sheet would not be brought out until 10 am!

Never did we imagine adoption to be such a popular option considering how much breeders are pushed by our society. It is so inspiring to see humans be passionate about the welfare of animals.

We were committed to searching for a potential puppy, so we sat along the entrance with the others and patiently waited for the sign-up sheet to go up. Once it was up, we were the tenth on the list! The first two individuals had arrived around 6 am, and a couple of others had traveled over two hours to be there.

After the sign up, we still had three hours until the puppies would be brought out to be adopted. Considering the distance we traveled, we stayed in the vicinity of the adoption location and browsed near by stores for puppy items.

Once it was time, the play pools and crates were set up. All of the potential adopters rounded up in the grass waiting anxiously for the puppies to arrive. The puppies were late though. It was 1:10 pm… When all of the sudden, a white van parked on the side of the road.

We opened a gap and one by one the dogs were carried outside towards the viewing area. And with each one that came out from the van, murmuring emerged trying to guess who each dog was based on the pictures on the website. Most already had someone in mind, so it was mostly a matter of keeping track where the top choices were being placed.

Once all of the dogs were in the pools and crates, we were allowed to go see all of them for about ten minutes. We had the opportunity to watch, touch, or play with them. It was an opportunity to connect and analyze their personalities.

We initially went to those we recognized and took a quick look at the rest. Those that we had pre-selected had a variety of reactions. A couple of them gave us a couple of kisses, another stayed away, and another we knew would be taken by someone higher on the sign-up list.

In the end, only one of the ones we had looked at online made it to our top choices. Neither was chosen at the end though.

It was during our last round that our little one suddenly caught our eye. She was in the pool with the Australian Shepherd mixes.  She was quiet and she was being trampled by all of the other little ones in her pool. Once the others got distracted by other humans though, she came right to us.

She gave us a kiss and suddenly flipped tummy side up so we could rub it… It was the same manner and delicacy in which Shinobii does it… And it was at that moment when she captured my heart. Our hearts.

Our names were called. We went right to her and as we picked her up, we heard the next person on the list saying “oh, she was our back-up.” She was ours though, I could feel it. My heart felt at peace.

The rescue group required us to go to the empty grass section with her so that we could test our connection. My hubby carried her from the pool to the grass, and when he tried to put her on the grass, she just flopped. She was so scared. She just kept trying to hide. I picked her up and she immediately placed her head under my chin. It was warm, comforting, and absolute perfection. My hubby felt it too. There was no doubt.

We went over to sign the adoption papers. They looked over them, we paid the fee, and we received a baggy with medicine for her recovery from the spaying surgery. They also told us it might help with Kennel Cough, if she had developed it. Inside the baggy, there was also a coupon book with awesome discounts for all of items we needed to get her settled in her new home.

We went inside and bought her a crate, toys, food, treats, and accessories. And once we paid, we traveled straight home. We set up her crate, hanged some toys, and filled the bowls with food/water.  We did get to train her a bit on her name, but she had zero interest in food or treats. She was exhausted and didn’t want to eat. She was coughing loudly.

On that first day, we simply let her  rest. She slept with my hubby on the couch, she slept on me on the floor, and she gave us a bit of kisses. And we went to bed peacefully with her in her crate inside of the room.

She woke up twice to go out and remained quiet the entire night. She was perfect, sweet, and smart. She knew what she needed to do and did it.

Our first day and night was everything we had hoped it to be, and more.



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