Dog needs cat. Cat ignores dog.

That’s essentially dog and cat’s relationship in a nut shell. My dog developed some type of separation anxiety, which has slowly been tamed. It came to the point where we had to begin thinking about giving up my dog so that we wouldn’t loose both of them. 

I don’t own my home. We live in a rented apartment. This means that by the time we receive the third phone call from the office, they will have already called animal control and taken all pets in our custody. Yes, that means they would take my cat as well. Their second phone call is a warning for us to essentially rehome our dog or take the concequences of a third complaint.

For the past couple of weeks, his anxiety has decreased. He still barks and cries but not nearly as loud or often as before. I spent about two months waiting for him to get used to it and going through training with not much of an impact on him, to be honest. The only thing that seems to calm him down? Shinobii.

They’ve never had much of a loving or hateful relationship like you see in videos online. When she was just a kitten, she would paw him in the face when he was being obnoxious. She also meows when we tell him to be quiet.

She’s also more priviledged in the house. This is a result of her good behavior though. Her biggest sin is probably laying on the dinning table and filling the placemats with black hairs as she flips upside down for tummy rubs. She doesn’t scratch or hurt him. Once in a while, she will casually search for his company. And if he is punished to a corner, she will go sit next to him. Amidst all of their silly experiences, they’ve developed a very unique relationship. I’m not sure if it’s the norm, but I do know that it’s made my dog feel better. 

He might walk away as she tries to touch his paws, but we have discovered that with her, he is able to control his anxiety. Not all the way, but he’s had a very positively drastic change. 

For two weekends, we have traveled to my mother in law’s home. We take the kids with us so we can take care of them while not constantly waste gas.

The first weekend was a dissaster filled with barks. Gordo was locked in a room by himself, since he is not very social and we wanted to prevent any tensions between him and the senior dog in the house. She cannot defend herself and has been sick as of late, so we didn’t want to add on other issues. However, by preventing one problem, we created anoyher. Gordo would not stop barking. Nothing could distract him. It was simply chaotic. Everyone had headaches and there was no end. All hope was lost. Finally, his barks subdued once we went to bed with him in that room.

Shinobii didn’t require much care though. We allowed her to have free realm of the house since she’s very peaceful in nature. She just stuck with the bookshelf and looked out towards the pool once in a while.

The second weekend, we decided to try a new method. We left both of them in the room. And what would you know? He was quiet! The entire time! It was a miracle. It was beautiful. An actual day of no barking. The happiness and accomplishment I felt was wonderful. And yes, don’t worry Shinobii still had access to viewing the outside world. She was a purring machine when we walked in and he couldn’t stop waging his tail. It was perfect.

Who would have thought that their strange relationship would be so powerful? It seems that while traveling he just doesn’t want to be alone. He wants company and doesn’t care if its cat or human.

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