Moving: Cat Edition

It’s officially been a month of being in our new home. It’s been chaotic. It’s been stressful, to say the least. But it’s also been rewarding to see my little ones adjust to their new lige. 

It hasn’t been as easy as the videos I’d watched online about cats moving into their new home showed though. I tried to find different tips on helping cats get accustomed for the change, but everything was mainly about being on road.

So when it came time for the move, I prepped by packing everything Shinobii owned. And I mean everything. Even the little straw she loved to chew on.

 I brought her “scratchers,” her broken-ish outdoor house, and her dirty litter box and used litter in the hopes it would help her get accustomed to the new smells. And yes, I did bring her unwashed water and food bowls. And Most importantly, every single one of her toys (the real and the miscellanous objects she likes).

Adjusting was very hard for her though. She didn’t come out from underneath the bed to do any necessities or eat. She just hid. I tried putting my hand under so she could smell it. I tried to show her her toys. Nothing would get her out. She was in a frenzy.

On the second day, she came out in the afternoon to use her box. (Yay!) I never thought I would feel so relieved over hearing her stream. I know, it’s weird. It’s not exactly a sound most humans acknowledge. But at that moment, I was happy she wasn’t going to explode inside. By the evening, she ate a fourth of her food. It wasn’t as much as I wanted, but it was something. By the third day, she was eating as usual!

At that point, I knew she would be okay. I knew she would adapt perfectly. And we would be able to be a happy family. ❀️

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