Trump’s Hatred as a Topic of Laughter

Today I was in the “less than 20 items” line at Walmart. The worst place to shop, but that you can’t help but go out of convenience.

The line consisted of a Hispanic group, an African-American behind them, me, and an American couple. They were all middle aged individuals.

Yes, the Hispanic lady was that annoying person that had 50 items, not 20, and was arguing about the prices. The rest of us were following the guidelines… as you do, when you’re a concious human being.

The man behind me kept growing irritated. I could feel his annoyance. All of the sudden he goes up to the register, speaks to her as if she was a child, and reprimands her over her behavior. To which she replied by repeatedly screaming “shut up.” At this point, he’s staring at her and moving his head, trailing her every move, glaring at her in disgust and disapproval.

She’s finally gone. The Afrian-American moves up. And things get even more uncomfortable. The African-American cashier is now speaking to her saying “I hope Trump wins so we don’t have to deal with these people any longer.” The other lady continued to agree and ended her shopping trip by complaining that now her chicken was cold. They laughed. She left. I moved my three items. I smiled. I didn’t say a word.

She asked if that was it. I nodded. I grabbed my bags. Said thank you. And Walked away. Then at that moment, I realized how it is that such a hateful man has gained so many followers…

I have felt an immense amount of pain over the comments he’s made about Muslims and Hispanics… but to see the human race being so rash, so cold, so willing to exclude an entire group over one individual is frightening.

This idea that one individual represents a culture is absurd. It’s cruel. Specially when we choose the worst, as a method of measurement.

Yes, a terrorist might be Muslim. No, not all Muslims are terrorists. Yes, there are illegal immigrants. No, we are not all dirty, worthless, rapists, living off the government.

Yes, you are American. And so am I. I chose to be. I had to “prove my worth.” You were just born.

The sense of entitlement you feel is that of resentment over the many contributions other cultures make to this country. Our country is made of diversity.

Sadly, the way our country and mentality is right now… the cashier will go home and tell the story of the impolite and selfish Hispanic, rather than the one who privided a smile, a thank you, and followed the rules.

So next time you feel like wishing that man’s evil upon a group of individuals… think about the amount of hatred you are speading over a five second laugh…

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