Watching someone die on Facebook…

That was my story this weekend.

I literally saw the story, the mourning, and the pain reflected all over my timeline.

She was a coworker. She wasn’t a friend really, but she was a good human being.Β She was the type of person that made you smile because it was all positive vibes.

She died suddenly when a car collided with hers head on. She was in her lane. She was responsible. And yet, destiny had another plan for her.

When I initially saw the story, I kept trying to think about who she was. I recalled knowing her, I just couldn’t place any exact interactions. But then I saw her die on Facebook. I saw my coworkers mourning her death, sending positive wishes to her family, and just completely shaken by what occurred.

Meanwhile, I observed and continued to think about my memories of her. Until finally, I was able to get a better idea of who she was. I remembered her essence.

I can’t really say “I wish I had taken the time to know her better” because I say that about most people I meet. I’m naturally intrigued by people, but I’m always too shy and awkward to dig deeper.

However, I can say that she really was a wonderful person. I can’t remember a single instance where she wasn’t filled with happiness, when she didn’t smile, or wasn’t willing to help others. The world truly lost a wonderful human being. It lost someone who had the potential to make smiles appear out of thin air.

Honestly, I took me by surprise. The abundance of posts on my newsfeed hit me hard. It reminded me of how fragile life is.

Watching someone die on Facebook augments the pain, the memories, and the fear that comes with death.

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