Inspiration for Floral Collection

Designing clothes for cats is an interesting process.

It’s not formal. It’s not standard. It’s simply organic.

It might be because I’ve never received formal training, but it’s still fun and interesting every time.

My inspiration varies within seconds. Sometimes it’s the fabric’s pattern, the fabric’s texture, or the accessory.

For this particular collection, I was drawn to the color of the flowers. It’s a shade of teal that I’m quite fond of.

I started by sewing together the different petals. I made each of them of various sizes so I could create straight, curved, and pointed collars.

Then, I went to my fabric shelves and started grabbing fabrics that called out to me. I arranged them side by side and began placing each flower on top to find the perfect match.

Lastly, I categorized them by pattern to be used.

Afterwards, it’s all cutting, sewing, attaching, photographing, uploading, and hoping that someone will love my collars as much as I do.

ā¤ Daniela

P.S. I might begin vlogging my process, so let me know in the comments below if you’d be interested in watching!

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