Cat Vomit.

(Yes, I’m talking about this. It was so hard to find proper tips on the subject.)

The not so glamorous life of those humans owned by cats.

A couple of days ago, I woke up extra early to work on my store. My home is still chaotic but I thought “Hey, maybe if I wake up a little earlier it wont be so bad… Maybe I can do just a little bit.” After all, I keep checking up on my store but I haven’t been able to organize or put new products in it.

It keeps bugging me and I honestly can’t wait to get back to learning how to sew, understanding marketing, and just getting to know my customers better.

That’s a whole different subject though.

On that hopeful morning, everything seemed to be going according to plan. I was dressed. Lunch was ready. I had taken out Gordo. I played with Shinobii. I fed the three kids. I was having breakfast. Everything was set. And then, I heard it. The slight soft gaging sound from my cat.

At that point, I subconsciously realized my morning would no longer be so productive. When either of my kids are sick, I generally spend time petting them and letting them know that they will be okay. I’m not sure how much of a different it makes for them, but it seems like the right thing to do.

After I finish my motherly routine, I rush to save the carpet. The poor destroyed carpet. It’s honestly dead at this point, but there’s no need to kill it further. So I go to where Shinobii threw up (“conveniently right next to the litter box). I use the clumping litter. So yes, things looked bad. Very. Very. Bad.

At first, I panicked and put some drops of water. As I should have known, it made it worse. My brain had clearly crashed. The aftermath made me wish I could switch the massive grey stain for the liquid Shinobii had produced.Β Yes, it was that bad.

I took a deep breath, tried to Google solutions, but failed. The suggestions were broad, simply too basic. Nobody said how I could treat it. They only offered encouragement. It was something I guess. I gave up searching though. I locked my phone and analyzed my knowledge on litter, and all of the sudden, I had an idea!

I rushed to the kitchen, grabbed a plastic knife and began my adventure. I spent twenty minutes removing as much as I could by applying pressure to the carpet. I was essentially scrapping it off. It looked like clumps of clay were coming out. Things seemed hopeful.Β I could save it. I really could. And then, I saw the clock. I had to leave. There was nothing I could do other than prayΒ it wouldn’t be permanently damaged.

I evaded it afterwards though. I was scared of the results. Days passed by. Until eventually, I got the courage to face the stain. I uncovered it from beneath the litter mat and saw the charcoal color mocking me. It was torturous the way it looked at me. It was crushing. Things were dark. Literally.

I tried to do the knife thing again, but of course, it had dried out. Nothing was coming out. The carpet was completely stiff. I continued trying though. I switched tactics. Instead of scrapping the stain as if it was butter, I began going the opposite way. I tried to disolve the massive clump by wiggling the knife around. Eventually, it worked! The carpet seemed to become looser. A light power began to show, but the clump was getting lighter.

After a couple of minutes, it was gone. It was really gone! You can’t even tell it was there. And I’m so thankful for that.

So remember, if you have a cat and clumping litter: let it dry and scrape it off with a knife in the opposite direction! It takes patience, but it’ll work. I promise. πŸ™‚

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