Weekend Adventures

Or at least that’s the way my weekends seem to pass by me now a days.

Saturday was spend with the future hubby.

We spent the whole day looking through apartments. Driving to them, anyways. Not so much seeing per say. After calling to verify during the week that we’d be able to look at apartments, we traveled all over Orlando believing what they had told us. Only to actually go into three out of the eight locations we contacted and to receive the same information we’d already gathered from the internet.

Thanks guys. Really. We were looking forward to killing some unnecessary trees and gas. Honestly, why would you think that wasting our time would make us want to live in your complex is completely puzzling to me.

Not to mention how sad it is to shop for apartments. I mean it’s truly depressive as a pet parent. it’s sad. It’s VERY sad. It really makes you loose hope in regards to finding a place to call home. The fees for having two pets are simply illogical.

Honestly, when did it become okay to charge additional rent for pets? It’s not like we’re not already covering the space with the rent. If they create damages you’re already taking a $500-600 non-refundable deposit, so WHY are you taking an additional $30-$40 every month for them!?!

I don’t get it.

I don’t understand.

The amount of greed that apartment complexes is immeasurable. Are you charging extra for children too? Because technically they take up more space and they create just as much a mess. If not more. Seriously. Have your tried giving tiny humans liquid to carry? It’s a spill is bound to happen.

What are we going to charge for next? Unhealthy weight standards? So if I’m twenty pounds lighter (which is the size of my dog), that means I get to pay less right? No. But why? I’m taking up less space. Oh, that’s right! It’s discrimination! Silly little me.

Sunday was spend with the Momster. (Yes, my mom. No she’s not a monster, I just feel like calling her thatΒ at the moment.)

It was a wild day with my mom too.

I mean just to give you an idea: I was wearing shorts that looked like I picked out in the dark. And they had a hole, in the middle of my butt. That nobody mentioned throughout the day, until I realized myself when I went to the restroom in the afternoon. Seriously people! What ever happened to watching out for one another… Our culture has become so focused on shaming rather than helping.

Why do I say that? Because was in a clothing store early in the day and I saw someone point at me to their friends (so they must have noticed), and yet they let me continue walking out the door without letting me know. Points lost for humanity. Pets are currently winning at honesty.

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