The Media, The Internet, and Religion

The idea that your religion might affect your possibilities to grow in a particular industry is absurd. Religion is a basis though which your values are reinforced.

It’s not an obligation to push those beliefs or values onto others. Whether they decide to open their hearts and minds to it, its their own choice. At least, that’s how I practice my religion.

Yes, I understand the teachings proclaim to share the Word of the Lord, but unless someone openly wants to listen to my ideas, I steer clear of pushing those teachings. For the most part, conversations about my Catholic upbringing are a result of my behavior not a statement of my faith. My faith is personal. It is between myself and God, and as such, unless we’re having a personal conversation, I will not try to convert you. And even then, I’m not trying to convert. I’m simply explain my viewpoint in life, and you can explain yours and we continue on privately thinking about each others words at a later point.

So why the random rant you ask? Well last night I read an article titled “What a Jurassic World Actor Just Said About Christianity Will probably Ruin His Career and I just wanted to smack them on the face. The most interesting thing about this article was that I had no idea it would be religion related. It just caught my attention because of all the buzz that Jurassic World has been getting so I wanted to learn what made it so interesting. It was one of those things where I wondered if it had been like 50 shades of gray, where even the actors themselves were disturbed by their work.

It’s interesting through how the writer thought that a proclamation of faith and desire to live out a peaceful life raising his child would be frowned upon in the filming industry. Why is it that having good values can create chaos? It doesn’t. It’s his work ethic and abilities that allows him to land roles. What the future holds is to be decided by God’s will, and I’m sure that if He opens another path for Chris Patt to grow in the industry, he won’t deny it. Instead he will wait for the right time when he feels he is ready to have a different life style.

I highly doubt in the interview process for any role they say: “you must be an atheist, dream of living in Hollywood, having lots of money, and focusing on your work instead of your family.”

Our personal desires and paths are just that: PERSONAL.

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