Narrow Feminist Views Ignite Feminist Thoughts

A couple of days ago, I was laying on the couch thinking about life when for some reason I decided to check the date. It was May 18th. I kept thinking something important had happened, but what was it? It was the artwork for Taylor Swift’s bad blood video.  I rushed over to YouTube as soon as i noticed the date since the release of the video had already occurred.

I was entranced by the miniature trailer to an epically powerful female clique. I didn’t think too much of it. I thought the concept was interesting and moved on.

Then, as I was dragging out time on Facebook for no particular reason… I stumbled upon an article about how anti-feminist the video was. Interested by this perspective, I gave it a chance to convince me of this. However, it didn’t. If anything it brought out a new perspective.

The author claimed that the idea of females hurting on another and fighting emphasized the sort of stigma on women being catty and constantly against each other. However, I do not agree with this.

Instead, I see a female who was betrayed (as it happens in real life when you least expect it). Taylor didn’t sit in a ball and cry. No, she remained strong and gained allies, friends, and accomplices. She was still open to trusting other women… I mean, just as powerful as these alteregos were, they could also betray her at any second. And yet, Taylor chooses to allow herself to become stronger with other women. She is an equal to them. Yes, they are essentially battling for her, and she might be the head of the group… but first they had to trust her, her version, and her persona. These were stong women who made a choice. That is feminism. That is what being treated as an equal is. Having the ability to make a choice just based on the individual, rather than on their sex.

Backstabbing happens. The important thing is the way you recover from it. Taylor trusted her new crew, even thought they could do the same. Selena was able to do the same too, even if she was the backstabber. There is an assumption that she is evil, but what if by cutting those ties with Catastrophe, she realized the importance of trust. After all, these other women in her crew needed to know she could be trusted.

This idea of anti-feminism simply by judging the initial conflict without analysis how the initial event influenced their future choices, its simply basic. Women are rational human beings. Regardless of how much action the video seems to have, rational choices were made. It wasn’t a revenge video. It was a video of strength where two women stood side by side surrounded by powerful allies. Without men. Each one with specific skill and abilities. Each one unique.

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