MeowmaniaI don’t understand how this is so addicting (to me or my cat). The moment it opened up, I felt confused. I could feel my brain trying to look for hints as to what to do next.

Before I even realize it, I’m clicking on the middle of the page and quickly think to myself, “this must be broken.”

I was SO wrong.Β 

As soon as the action processed, a cat face popped into my screen accompanied by a cat’s meow. I’m not sure what it said, but what ever it was, it got Shinobii involved in my morning routine.

Next thing I know, she’s off the top layer of her mansion peeping down at me. She’s meowing back at the cats, rubbing against her tree and slowly making her way to the couch.

Shinobii looking down at meShe’s on the floor just staring at me in confusion as to where the kitties are. And I have nothing to tell her. I just stare back at her and point towards the ground. She gets closer to my hands. She lays down and allows me to give her a back massage.

I stop playing the sounds, in hopes that I haven’t crushed her heart. A confirmation that is received as she nibbles on my fingers quickly followed by her exploration of the rest of the house for possible feline friends.

Then, as she realizes it’s just the three of us. She returns to her initial spot next to the couch. Lightly scratches the carpet to capture my attention. And then waits patiently for me to massage her back once more.

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