Unicorn for positivity

Unicorn Water

So my consistency level is extremely poor. I’ll admit it. And I sincerely apologize. However, when I initially started my blog I wanted to be that person who was knowledgeable about diversity and have that be my main focus….

But to be honest, that is not what I think about at all times. Yes, it’s a huge part of what I love and it’s a passion of mine but trying to concentrate only on that seems fairly impossible.

So even though I truly want to write sometimes, I don’t simply because it doesn’t fit the “main topic” of my blog. So I think I’m simply going to try and log my experiences and ideas.

They’ll relate to everything cat, marketing, diversity, designing, and everything in between.

I think purrfect thoughts will represent my life as I continue trying to stay positive in the midst of change and life.

So stay tuned for some insight into my life, still keeping that open minded perspective and focusing on broadening my knowledge. ^_^

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