Homeless Fonts

Why is this not a bigger thing? Why has this not been covered in a wider scale? Why don’t we have this in Orlando?

I’m not sure, but we need to make it happen. There’s something beautiful about the idea that these homeless can progress just by using their ability to write.

We all recognize the different writing styles when we see homeless in the corners of streets begging for money/food. It helps us identify those who cannot be trusted, as we notice who shares their piece of cardboard as if it was a rotation and part of a game. However, there are those few who actually want food and need it to survive. Not to smoke, to buy alcohol, but to survive. That is what we must remember. That is what this project represents.

It represent’s a homeless’ ability to find a new light and path with equipment they never dream of. Their writing becomes part of their signature and message. Now think how wonderful it would be if we stopped lumping all homeless into people who are lazy? How about we categorize them into “searching for a new beginning” and “satisfied.” ( I generally don’t like creating sections, but considering how negative their image is, I’d rather have a positive and perseverant vs. a mediocre one of self-pity and surrender.)

This project would be a great way to help so many individuals find value within themselves through their abilities, their knowledge, their experiences, and pair them with the ability to grow even more: financially and personally.

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