Life After Graduation

I wish I had something extra amazing to report. Something to give hope for those who are about to graduate or that recently graduated… But I don’t.

Truth to be told, this is my third attempt at writing about my graduating experience and neither of the previous had an ounce of happiness. They were actually written while I was on the verge of having a nervous breakdown.

Why? Because everything I overcame to get my degree and graduate as Summa Cum Laude seems to be worthless in the “real world.”

I’m that overachieving, analytic, friendly, but introverted individual. I speak my mind when there are topics I care about and ignore small talk and drama. I want to be the best. As such, regardless of how small my role may be, I want to help make a difference.

I’ve mentioned this before (maybe?) but I take my job seriously even if it’s one easily fulfilled. Not because I’m trying to be a superstar but because I genuinely want to make people happier and help them build a better experience. That’s my own personal goal though.

This mentality doesn’t do well in the midst of searching for a career. Considering I’m one of those people who investigates the culture of a company and its’ values before applying anywhere, so the places I can apply to become fairly narrow.

Yet, I continue to apply and search.  It’s not the ideal, but at least I’m surviving.

It’s a life of nerve-wrecking frustration to find a job that will value my skills, abilities, and personality while allowing me to grow professionally.

Life continues as I try to find a balance amongst all of the craziness.

So now, I shall go and measure some collars for my store, and maybe, just maybe, become an entrepreneur in the midst of all this job searching chaos.

That is my life after graduation.



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