Shelter Pets are Beautiful


If you’ve ever gone to an animal rescue or shelter, this might not seem so obvious considering they’re usually trapped in cages and you’re only able see a hint of how cute they are through the small holes. So how can we show their personality without invading their personal space if someone is just looking to browse and not adopt? Through pictures, of course!

Well that’s the way online pet adoption sites work now-a-days, and it’s a task that I’ve placed upon myself as I volunteer at the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. My goal is to volunteer twice a week for next year, so you should expect bi-weekly cuteness reports showing up on your emails, feeds, etc. If you’d like, please feel free to share them on your personal sites, I promise that helping a pet find their purrfect loving home bring quite a large sense of fulfillment. ❤

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All of these darlings are available for adoption! To see their individual profiles click here for dogs and here for cats. 🙂


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