Writing for honesty.

I keep struggling with how to start… how to explain my absence.. and how to convince you (and myself) that I won’t be afraid to post my opinions… Yet, after this year, I’ve realozed that in the “free” world that we live in, my opinions don’t really seem to matter. So why bother?

Well, I like to think that those who read my blog will at least have something to wonder about. You don’t necessarily need to agree with my viewpoint. I just want to make you ponder and enjoy my writing. As long as you’re doing that, I’ve been successful (from my perspective at least).

I can’t warrantee that I will tackle the latest issue, because in all honesty, I like to see the way things play out and investigate different sources and viewpoints before I make my own. I can warrantee however, that I will be honest when I do discuss topics. Maybe to the point of you thinking that I’m too straight forward, but the way things are looking this might be the only acceptable place for me to speak my mind.

God forbid I verbalize my thoughts in a public setting. The attrocities that would happen if I’m not careful with what I think and say. Next thing you know I’ll get attacked by a pack of gummy bears. Woa!

Seriously though, always expect honesty from my writing.

– Daniela

P.S. I’ll be posting later this week! ;D

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