From WomanCrushWednesday to Cat week

Honestly, I’m not exactly sure. It seems is a day to post pictures of women you admire, wish to be dating, or are currently dating. For the most part though, I think more of it as a day when men or women get to show off the women that make them feel special.

In my life, I can literally count those women in one hand. The two major ones any way: My mom and my grandma. I really don’t feel the need to blow up the social media world with pictures of them though. I know I love them and appreciate them and they know it too. So why do we have so many random hashtags for the week?

I mean our topics essentially range from men, to food, to women, to past, to past, to cats, to self. The break down:

  • Monday: #ManCrushMonday
  • Tuesday:  #TacoTuesday (Yes, I watched the adorable lego movie during Valentines day weekend.)
  • Wednesday: #WomanCrushWednesday
  • Thursday: #ThrowbackThursday
  • Friday: #FlashbackFriday
  • Saturday: #Caturday
  • Sunday:  #SelfieSunday

I honestly think that if we need to be reminiscing on the past twice a week, we should also double our intake of cat days.

Yes, CATS. 

Some ideas for more relevantly cute hashtags:

  • #MeowyMonday = A day to post pictures or videos of your kitty cat meowing. These usually look like yawns or talking in pictures, but are completely adorable when caught on video.
  • #KittyCrushWednesday = A day to reminisce on your favorite kitty cats. If you have your own cat, of course there is no one more amazing than yours. If you don’t for some sad reason, you can share pictures of a cat you would like to have.
  • #PurrfectFriday = A day to highlight just the pure beauty and elegance of cats. 
  • #Caturday = A day to feature our daily cat related activities by stalking our darling and taking cute pictures of them.
  • #CatNapSunday = A day to share all your adorable pictures of your cat while they’re sleeping in cat loaf, upside down, tummy up, circle shape, or any other shape that they contort their body in that they seem to find comfortable to sleep in.

I actually just used #KittyCrushWednesday for the first time in my Facebook page today! Want to take a look? Please do, but beware you will see plenty of pictures of my darling! 




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