Critters as Food

Okay, yes, I understand our population is growing and we need more sources of food. But must we really eat bugs?

Sadly, I have to say yes.

As time passes by our resources continue to be depleted by our own ambitions and abuse of our environment.

As we run out of land to take care of cattle, and must rehabilitate the land to be appropriate for agriculture or further construction, our sources of food will be limited. This means the prices will sky rocket, and having a piece of steak will be more expensive than ever before. Chicken prices will probably rise as well but not so dramatically as beef since they require less space even if the conditions can be horrific.

Either way, we will only have a couple of options due to the lack of ability to herd. Yes, I know some people survive without eating any type of meat, but it would take a lot of will to give up meat. After all, almost everyone has seen or been explained the cruelty that many animals of certain companies go through for our pleasure. Yet, we still eat meat.

So if we were confronted with scarcity, we will probably still crave the “meat” and “protein.”

I personally could never get myself to eat my pets. I love them and I think of them more like my children than animals. Insects? maybe I could eventually get used to the idea, even though I don’t even eat shrimp because it reminds me of worms. I guess I’d probably end up joining the vegetarian movement.

There are options being developed thought to make this concept more appealing. I actually just read an article about Edible Bug Treats where 3D printing is being used to make the eating of insects more appealing. The concept is interesting to say the least, but unmarketable to a mass market. It would be the sort of treat only the “elite” could afford.

At the moment, there are societies who fully embrace these sort of foods though and even in the United States some movements are making bugs available for consumption.

One of the products I found who offer bugs for consumption was on ThinkGeek where the bugs are ready to be given as gifts for those you love, hate, or love to hate. This is a list of the flavors they box offers:

  • Bacon & Cheese Grasshoppers
  • BBQ Bamboo Worms
  • Nori Seaweed Armor Tail Scorpions
  • Salted Queen Weaver Ants
  • Wasabi House Crickets
  • Giant Waterbug Chili Paste

At the very least, the sound quite interesting and spike curiosity. How they came up with the flavors and mixtures would be an interesting topic of research though, as to how they would develop foods that are not only good to those used to eating insects, but actually make them appealing who usually run away from them.

If you’re looking to really look at the consumption of insects, Thailand Unique has a very wide variety of foods and they have samples of what I’m imagining our future to look like.

You’re own future might be looking quite gloomy or bright, depending on the perspective that you’re willing to take on what we culturally accept as “edible” for the sake of survival.

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