Beyond Fat Talk

We’re constantly bombarded with images of how we should look like. The media always has something to say about how unfeminine something is, or how to be sexy, or how to be a “real woman.” Usually this requires for our skin to be perfect. Hide all blemishes. Never show off your middle section unless you have a very tiny waist. Never wear horizontal stripes because they make you look wide. Never go out without the perfect amount of makeup, you have to be careful though, too much make-up is also judged. Never go shopping and expect look perfect, clothes are made for skinny people. Never wear anything too tight or you look slutty. Never wear anything too baggy or you look unorganized. Never go out with your nails chipped or you might give someone a handshake and it will be a deal breaker. Never leave your hair looking wild, God forbid your hair doesn’t stay flat. Never wear heels, you don’t really know how to walk in them properly. Never think that you’re beautiful because beauty is what you see on TV and magazines. Beauty is Photoshopped.

At least, that is the message from the media. It is not true though. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. 

I mean honestly, it’s depressive to look at ads and just see all of these unrealistically super skinny models and when a regular sized woman shows up, the only reason is because she’s a celebrity. Even then, they still Photoshop her body!

A little while back I read an article on Jennifer Lawrence and the way in which they edited her photographs to make her more appealing! This girl is already beautiful, confident, and a great role model as far as self image goes, why do magazines feel the need to “fix” her? The media itself is so obsessed with creating these unrealistic images even when the individual is actually trying to speak out against this sort of issues.

What if the models or actresses that showed up on magazines were allowed to say what they could do with their image? Yes, I understand they would be paid just for who they are in the industry, but what if we allowed the photographs to reflect who they are as individuals.

It could benefit society as a whole considering the media is supposed to be a reflection about what is important to us. Instead, all we see is the evil, the vain, and the atrocities of life. We never see the  (true, pure, and real) beauty, the achievements, or the success that we have had in life.

If we were able to see this image instead, maybe we could all grow to accept our bodies and love them without having to go through painstaking diets and routines for the sake of beauty, but rather just to be healthy. What if the goal of our lives was not superficial but rather to keep pursuing happiness…

Then, there would be no need for fat talk. Then, we could appreciate who we are as individuals and as a society.

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