Happiness vs. Guilt in Advertisements

For the most part, commercials dealing with shelters are always trying to melt our heart into little pieces. They always show us the cages and the horrible state in which some shelter animals were abused.

Your heart just breaks and when you don’t help you’re left feeling guilt. It then leaves this sense of “you’re evil if you don’t help me” and this trail of negative thoughts.

What if instead of guilt, we felt happiness and were overwhelmed by cuteness?

Well that’s what the Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Wake county did! They created a choreography and lip singed video featuring puppies and kittens from the shelter. It’s not all about the puppies though, it’s also about the way volunteers and employees get together to take care of the different tasks required to run the shelter.

The video is heartwarming in it’s simplicity and love for what they’re doing. It’s a celebration of life and of being able to take care for them. It’s a celebration for the homes they will find. The video inspires you to go visit them, adopt them, or even volunteer.

I think a thing to remember when making advertisements is that people like to feel good, nobody say’s please make me “sad.” We’re constantly in the Pursuit of happiness so why not reflect that in our advertisements? 🙂

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