My view of the world

So let me start off by explaining that I have two big passions in life:

Art and Culture.

I love the way art enables individuals to express themselves in regards to who they are, what they believe, and just the power that it has to inspire others towards change. It’s most powerful though when art is directed towards the appreciation and highlights of culture. There’s something magical about being able to appreciate a culture through the essence of the artwork or performance.Β It is only magical though if we take a step back from prejudice and open our hearts to its beauty, so that we can fully appreciate the gift of diversity.

It is my hope to one day create art that inspires individuals to see beauty beyond the realms of photoshop but to enter the realms of reality.

It’ll be a while though, so for now, I spend a great majority of my time looking at advertisements and analyzing them, listening to TEDtalks, and just reading news from around the world.

I want to learn. I want to explore. I want to discover.Β 

So here, I shall document those little things of life that transform your thoughts and help you build this purrfect world of love, equality, appreciation, and peace.

I know, I sound a bit cheesy but I promise, one day it will happen.Β It has to.

It is only though intercultural ideas and diversity that we can create a better world.

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